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22.11.11 3:11
Stockholm International Poetry Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary!
Theme: Realities
Focus: Tomas Tranströmer, Central Europe, the New Arab World

For up to date information regarding participants and program, please see the festival blog.

22.02.11 11:21
In the translation of Samuel Butler, the second ode of the Odyssey ends as follows: "Thus, then, the ship sped on her way through the watches of the night from dark till dawn." When we read about the wanderings of Ulysses we let them symbolize adventure, but they also stand in for the...
06.12.10 3:26
About Stockholm Poetry Festival
Stockholm Poetry Festival was founded in 1997 by the Magazine 10TAL. Since then, close to 200 of today's most interesting and innovative poets have visited the festival. Together with musicians, actors, dancers and artists, they have created unique and unforgettable performances at the Royal...
05.12.10 10:54
Stockholm Poetry Festival 2010
The theme of the night was resistance. Resistance against racism, resistance against homogeneity, resistance against the right-wing political wave that is currently sweeping the parliaments of Europe and Sweden. As a way of mounting their refusal to go along with the new order, 10TAL presented a...
27.10.10 11:36
10TAL goes for Berlin
CRITICAL CLOSING: TALKS AND DINING. 10TAL magazine arranges a final discussion session in connection to the big art exhibition programme "correct me if i'm critical" in Berlin, in co-operation with the Swedish Embassy Berlin, Konstfästen, Västra...
22.09.10 3:32
#2/3 — Kenya, mon amour
10TAL presents the first com­pre­hen­sive intro­duc­tion to con­tem­po­rary Kenyan prose and poetry in Swedish. Last win­ter, our edi­to­r­ial staff went to Kenya and found a lit­er­ary rebel­lion. Writ­ers, schol­ars and edi­tors of peri­od­i­cals debat­ing, writ­ing...
22.09.10 3:20
#2/3 NAIROBI, MON AMOUR (editorial)
by Madeleine Grive – There is only one word for the Kenya of today, and that is ”Fuck!” says the journalist and writer Parselelo Kantai. He writes political articles on power and corruption in the paper The East African. His face is grim. His choice of this single utterance to characterize...
21.09.10 10:25
Welcome to an intense autumn with 10TAL! 10TAL presents the first comprehensive introduction to contemporary Kenyan prose and poetry in Swedish. Last winter, our editorial staff went to Kenya and found a literary rebellion. Writers, scholars and editors of periodicals debating, writing articles,...