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22.02.11 11:21
In the translation of Samuel Butler, the second ode of the Odyssey ends as follows: "Thus, then, the ship sped on her way through the watches of the night from dark till dawn." When we read about the wanderings of Ulysses we let them symbolize adventure, but they also stand in for the...
22.09.10 3:20
#2/3 NAIROBI, MON AMOUR (editorial)
by Madeleine Grive – There is only one word for the Kenya of today, and that is ”Fuck!” says the journalist and writer Parselelo Kantai. He writes political articles on power and corruption in the paper The East African. His face is grim. His choice of this single utterance to characterize...
28.04.10 12:10
#1 — New Wave
On the primitive hatred of culture, on the new wave in literature, film and art, on hopes and terrifying visions. Meet Ruben Östlund, Sara Stridsberg, Stig Larsson, Marie Silkeberg, Daniel Birnbaum and others in the new issue of 10TAL. Sign up for a subscription today and receive special...
28.04.10 12:05
#30/31 — Calling for Sharper Critique
»The new issue of 00TAL is careful to deliver its spankings with care: the tone is both classy and considering.« Kaj Schueler, SvD »The thorough breakdown makes a convincing argument. Swedish culture journalism in general and especially literary critique has lost its edge.« Karsten...
30.09.09 4:30
# 29 — Contemporary Finnish-Swedish Literature (summary)
Over the years, Finland has seen a veritable explosion of literature written in Swedish. In Sweden, these works have received little or no attention from critics or from the public. With its latest issue on contemporary art and literature, 00TAL Magazine seeks to break the silence by putting...
30.09.08 4:31
# 28 — Word War (summary)
Meet Bruno K. Öijer, the only Swedish poet with rockstar status, in an interview about his most important poems and his hatred of the poetry police in the Arts sections of our major newspapers. Become enraptured by Joy Harjo, one of the world’s foremost Native...
30.09.08 1:54
# 27 — (M)oral Execution (editorial)
I am sometimes asked to name the books that changed me. One eye-opener was a novel that took place in a British mining community – far away from the safe conditions of my childhood. The story led to an interest in mines and in narratives about the lives of miners. Another book that gave me new...
07.10.04 2:19
# 17/18 — A form that resists
During the Stockholm Poetry festival in 2003, Den bid port worked together with 00TAL and Lars Skinnebach himself contributed by reading from his second, brand new collection of poems / morgen findes systememe igen ("Tomorrow the systems will be back in place"). Jan Henrik Swahn had done the...
30.09.04 2:22
# 17/18 — Cultural revolution! Now! – Europe’s youth in search of an identity for the 21st century
The rebel creates ambiguity. Power strives for clarity. Author and dramatist Jon Fosse
Europe needs a cultural revolution. And in order to obtain this revolution, we want war. It is in fact our whole world-view at the beginning of the 21st century that...